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  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago
  • Author: SciPro

​​​Scotland are running a trail which will involve 6,400 families that have a family member who is affected by type 1 diabetes.

The trial will invite children who have a parent or sibling that is affected with Type-1 Diabetes for a simple test to see if they are at high risk of getting the disease.

If results come back as positive, a drug called Metformin will be offered to patients to see if this prevents the disease from developing, which would be a huge break through in the diabetes world.

Figures show that there are 3.2 million people who have been diagnosed with diabetes in the UK (2013) alarmingly by 2025, it is estimated that five million, yes, five million people will have diabetes in the UK.

With trials like the one in Scotland going ahead, hopefully it will keep this figure down across the rest of the UK & the rest of the world.

{ A major trial is set to start in Scotland aimed at preventing type-1 diabetes in children.
Researchers are preparing to contact all 6,400 families in the country affected by the condition.
Children who have a parent or sibling with type-1 diabetes will be invited for a blood test to see if they are at high risk of developing the disease.
Those at risk will be offered a drug called metformin to see if it can hold off diabetes.