Ed Bevans


Ed Bevans

Associate Director - Head of SciPro, UK

Hey, I’m Ed. I’ve been recruiting into the life sciences market for the past 11 years, living and working in London, Zurich and San Francisco. Over a decade spent recruiting within life sciences has helped me build a deep level of specialisation within the industry, and my international experience has allowed me to work with a broad range of organisations and understand a variety of cultures.

Why SciPro?

One of the core values of SciPro aligns itself to a passion of mine – innovation. I’ve always been fascinated by proprietary technologies emerging within the medical devices industry. From the moment my Father had both hips replaced and regained his mobility I’ve been transfixed by medical technology, and with the rise of AI, Big Data and imaging tools in Diagnostics, I’m constantly partnering with organisations at the forefront of the industry. SciPro are committed to both using innovative tools and methods to attract the best talent in the market, and to ensure we are partnering with innovative and flagship companies in the field.

Something else...

Family man. Proud father and husband. When not with them I’m typically found playing one of my guitars, or “butchering another song” as my family have called it.