Tom Glanfield

  • Position: Founder

​​Hi there, I'm Tom. Founder of LHi Group.

I founded our first brand in 2002, and with the support of these leaders sharing this page with me, we have combined a successful strategy of organic growth and raw ambition, and we have built what is now SciPro and LHi Group into a multi-national thriving entity.

Why SciPro?

I have never shied away from the unknown, taking risks and giving all to achieve my goals. One of which was opening a global Life Science recruitment brand. By working as a partner within the Life Sciences sector, we are playing a part in one of the most innovative and future-changing industries in the world.

Something else...

Aside from living out my dream as an entrepreneur in the exciting world of recruitment, I love pushing myself physically; I recently ran an Iron Man, and you can typically find me running, cycling or swimming!

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