• Publish Date: Posted fast 7 Jahre her
  • Author: Ben Richardson

​I often talk about a number of biotech start-ups that we see start out here in the Bay area. This post however is taking a look at some of the latest Tech start ups that may end up aiding the Life Sciences industry. I am a firm believer that we should fully embrace some of these latest technologies. While some people become concerned that robots will take our jobs, I think we should focus on the positive impact that these 'robots' or technologies can have.

Drones that can drop medicines and drugs to sites that otherwise cant be reached, augmented technologies that can be included in games to help improve health and 3D printing that will allow functional liver and kidney tissues to be developed are all functions that companies are looking to develop to help improve our industry! Check some of these out in this article...

{ At this moment in time, healthcare stands on the cusp of a fundamental reset itself and technology may as well lead the way to whatever system we end up with. A new report from PricewaterhouseCooper’s Health Research Institute, Top Health Industry Issues of 2017 predicts that these eight technologies will radically alter and disrupt the health industry over the next decade.