• Publish Date: Posted ungefähr 2 Jahre her
  • Author: Nick Mahoney

​Ep 2 | AI for Molecular Imaging for Drug Discovery

In this special episode, Nick speaks with both Mark Lynch and Andrii Kulakovskyi to discuss the new BioIT department at Genomic Vision and how they are using AI and Image Processing to aid drug discovery!

Andrii established the BioIT department (branch of R&D organisation) working on the development of tools for automated fluorescence image processing and analysis in order to deliver new products to help their customers in different sectors of the healthcare market in which Genomic Vision technology is being utilized. Mark joined Genomic Vision in March 2021 to define the product strategy and market segments to drive new growth in the company's molecular combing technology and to contribute to Genomic Vision’s strategy to develop and commercialise new applications by molecular combing.

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