• Publish Date: Posted fast 2 Jahre her
  • Author: Nick Mahoney

Ep 4 | Medical Image Analysis in the Lungs

​In this great episode, Nick speaks with Eva van Rikxoot, CEO of Thirona, and found out about not only the amazing work they do in medical image analysis but also the fantastic approach to hiring they have had from their foundation. This has led them to be a microcosm of the global community for which they serve!

Eva van Rikxoort is the founder and CEO of Thirona, an internationally fast-growing company in Nijmegen (The Netherlands), specializing in the field of AI-powered medical image analysis. 

Eva obtained her Ph.D. on Segmentation of Anatomical Structures in Chest CT Scans from the University Medical Center Utrecht, followed by a two-year postdoc position in quantitative image analysis at the University of California-Los Angeles.  

Since its inception in 2014, Thirona has established itself as a highly innovative partner for early drug and treatment development through clinical implementation, ultimately aiming at supporting clinical specialists in accurate diagnosis and personalized patient care.

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