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  • Author: Tim Tirabassi

ASCO 2023 Recap: Tim's Firsthand Insights​

​ASCO is the world's leading professional organization for physicians and oncology professionals involved in cancer care and research. The society organizes an annual meeting; the ASCO Annual Meeting, which serves as a platform for sharing the latest advancements in oncology research, clinical practice, and treatment strategies.

Recently, our consultants at SciPro attended ASCO 2023, and Tim Tirabassi; Manager at Scipro shared his insiders’ perspectives whilst attending ASCO 2023, and provided invaluable insights into the forefront of oncological progress.

A Recap of Tim's ASCO 2023 Experience

Recently I joined my colleague, Charlotte Bajorski, on a journey to Chicago to attend the 2023 ASCO Meetings.

First things first, my aching feet bear witness to the impressive scale of McCormick Place. With ASCO utilizing every bit of its 2.6 million square feet, it was an invigorating experience to connect with our respected partners, meet new faces, and learn more about the roles they envision within oncology recruitment.

The ASCO this year was a remarkable event, making even the “Swifties” seem few and far between. It's fascinating how an event like ASCO can outshine a celebrity like Taylor Swift, and the buzz around returning to in-person meetings was palpable. Nearly 80% of ASCO’s 40,000+ attendees returned in person for the first-time post-pandemic, creating a vibrant ambiance heightened by the glitter and glamour brought in by Swift’s Chicago visit.

Despite the current biotech market turbulence, the optimism at ASCO was infectious, fueled by encouraging Phase 1 data from innovative companies like Triumvira and Mythic. Their novel findings hold immense promise, and we look forward to monitoring their progress.

ASCO 2023 showcased a plethora of groundbreaking work, but a few standouts made an indelible impact:

  • The Patient-Centric Approach: This year's theme, “Improving Patients’ Lives Through Collaboration, Research, and Innovation”, was omnipresent. The objective wasn't merely life extension, but to enhance the patient's quality of life while minimizing the side effects of therapies. Noteworthy advancements were made in areas like NSCLC and TNBC, and Bristol-Myers Squibb’s anti-PD-1 drug emerged as a less toxic, yet more effective, alternative to Yervoy.

  • Antibody-Drug-Conjugates (ADCs): Impossible to overlook at ASCO this year. Pfizer's soon-to-be affiliate, Seagen, presented remarkable results for Adcetris, which targets CD-30 positive malignancies. In addition, ADC giant Daiichi showcased promising efficacy results from Enhertu. The ADC landscape was further enriched by contributions from innovative biotechs like Mythic Therapeutics.

  • Precision Medicine & Cell Therapy: Despite lingering questions about the efficacy of cell therapy and CAR T, these fields continue to evolve. Precision Medicine, represented by leading companies such as Tempus and emerging players like Owkin, held significant attention. It's evident that precision medicine is capturing pharma's interest, although the approach needs careful strategizing to prevent aimless spending.

While I can go on about the highlights, I'd rather focus on my personal takeaway from the event. I was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome we received amidst a sea of distinguished MDs and PhD researchers. The ethos within the oncology and pharma sectors, that every role is vital in making cancer a little less daunting, was both humbling and inspiring.

As part of SciPro, we're thrilled to help connect talented individuals with innovative companies in oncology.

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