• Publish Date: Posted 2 Monate her
  • Author: Nick Mahoney

​​Ep 4 | The Future of Building Teams in Computational Chemistry with Jon Heal

In this episode, Nick and Jon discuss the future of hiring into Computational Chemistry teams and how the use of AI is affecting this. A topic Nick spoke at great length about at the #aisummit also. Jon has been through many technological changes in the industry and so his expertise and knowledge shines through with some great nuggets of information.

Jon Heal is the Silico team (also known as prosaRx) leader at RxCelerate which is a rapidly growing company conducting service-based work for drug discovery programs based in Cambridge, UK. Jon was previously a co-founder of Prosarix Ltd and Head of Computational Chemistry at Evolva SA, a Swiss biotech company focussing on innovative approaches within the synthetic biology space. Jon has over 20 years experience in drug discovery, and was instrumental in the development of the ProtoDiscovery™ technology platform and its application in over 50 drug discovery projects with many different client companies.

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