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  • Author: Nick Mahoney

​​S5 ​​​Ep 2 | Building a MedTech Start-Up with Purpose with Cecile Dubois

The second episode of series 5 delves into building a MedTech start-up with purpose.

Nick Mahoney is joined by CEO of Sonio, Cecile Dubois. Sonio is an AI-software guiding practitioners during prenatal ultrasound scans to secure prenatal screening and optimize prenatal diagnosis.

In this episode, Nick unpacks the technology behind the amazing product and how Cecile has balanced building a diverse company with industry expertise.

In 2007, Cécile graduated from HEC with a degree in managerial strategy and joined Bain & Company as a consultant before becoming BPI France Hub director. In 2020, she decided to co-found Sonio and become an entrepreneur in her own right. Her project: a company with real impact that improves women's health, traditionally neglected by investors and researchers. As a mother of two herself, Cécile wanted to devote herself to a project with which she had been able to identify during her pregnancies, which were fulfilling but also sometimes painful moments in her life. In terms of impact, Sonio has embarked on a process that will enable it to become a company with a mission, as defined in the PACTE law.

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