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  • Author: Nick Mahoney

​​​​S5 ​​​Ep 3 | Are Patients Ready for LLMs in Mental Healthcare? with Oliver Fleetwood

LLMs in healthcare... This is the episode where we finally tackled the topic in depth. In this episode, Nick is joined by the CTO and Co-Founder of Alex Therapeutics, Oliver Fleetwood. Not only do they discuss the technology behind the fantastic Alex product and future products but they tackle the readiness of patients and regulatory bodies for LLMs to be used in mental health care. This is a super exciting episode so enjoy!

Oliver is the co-founder and CTO of Alex Therapeutics, a digital therapeutics (DTx) company dedicated to democratizing healthcare by blending Psychology, Design, and Technology. At Alex, he has led the development of a platform that streamlines the creation of DTx products. Recently, he introduced generative AI into the platform. Beyond a decade of CTO experience, Oliver has a background in theoretical physics and holds a PhD in theoretical computational biophysics.

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