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  • Publish Date: Posted almost 3 years ago
  • Author: Nick Mahoney

Ep 2 | Product Development for Medical Imaging Devices with Dr. Marc Goldfinger, Product Specialist for Perspectum

​​We were really lucky to be joined by Dr. Marc Goldfinger from Perspectum in Episode 2 of Life Sci AI: The Podcast Series. During the episode, Marc expertly outlines the products he has been involved in and the steps Perspectum are taking to understand what happens to our internal organs post Covid-19.

About Dr. Marc Goldfinger

Dr. Marc Goldfinger is currently working as a product specialist focusing on product development and commercialisation for Perspectum’s new suite of medical devices. Marc has over 15 years’ experience in biomarker development in research and product development, with a keen focus on pathology, imaging and neurodegenerative disorders. More recently, Marc has focused on bridging different imaging modalities and biomarkers to improve disease assessment in hepatobiliary and gastrointestinal conditions.


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