We offer bespoke retained, contingent and contract solutions. As Industry experts, our Consultants will leverage their knowledge and understanding of the market to work with you to ensure you have the best solution in place to meet your short, medium- and long term business objectives.

Retained Search

For critical hire and senior-level positions, our default methodology is to use a retained search process. This allows us to assign you a dedicated project manager and delivery team to meet tight deadlines and provide a cohesive hiring plan. The delivery team leverages each of our Consultant's specialist knowledge and their personal networks to identify, pitch and secure candidate pipeline. As the client, you are updated via a weekly call that breaks down the week’s activity using analytics and metrics.

What are the benefits of a retained search?

  • Increased level of dedicated resources. We are mutually committed to finding the best candidate for the role.

  • Exclusivity on candidates presented (they won't be presented to our other clients in this space unless you decide you are not interested).

  • Providing a detailed market analysis including salary benchmarking, who we are reaching out to, why they are both interested and not interested.

  • We will collaborate with you to represent you and your interests in the market in a professional way – this can be done discreetly for some more sensitive roles.

Contingent Search

Some clients like to explore the contingent search model as there are no upfront fees, and they feel it de-risks them and removes the initial financial commitment. Whilst you wouldn’t have access to the dedicated resources outlined in the ‘retained search’ model, you would work closely with an account manager to define your requirements.

What are the benefits of a contingent search?

  • You can engage a number of search firms on a search and ‘pit them against each other’

  • There are no upfront costs

  • The shortlisting process and time to hire is usually significantly longer, and so if you have time on your side, with no guarantee of delivery, this approach could work for you

Contract Solutions

Our Contract recruitment solution offers interim, project and consultant hires in a fast and compliant way. Where speed is key we look to ensure we can support our clients with flexible solutions allowing them to utilise flexible workforces to meet project deadlines, to help during transitionary periods, or​ to provide high-level, advisory, strategic guidance. As part of the LHI umbrella, we have robust and compliant processes for back-office support, able to take away the administrative burden that often comes with supplying talent in this way.

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