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Principal Scientist, Protein Crystallographer

  • Location: Boulder, CO

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  • Expiry Date: 27 November 2021

​SciPro is retained again with one of our favortire clients again as they grow their R&D site in Boulder, CO. The primary role of this position is to support our small-molecule drug discovery programs by delivering ligand-protein co-crystal structures through gene-to-structure process. This individual will work closely with scientists from multiple disciplines including enzymology, medicinal chemistry, and computational chemistry. Career path of this position initially focuses on as a bench-side, individual contributor with growth potential into a mentoring /managerial role based on career interest, accumulated experience, and proven performance.


  • Purify recombinant protein suitable for protein crystallography and in vitro assays

  • Utilize multiple crystallization formats to grow and optimize diffraction-quality ligand-bound protein co-crystals.

  • Collect and process datasets using both in-house X-ray generators and remoted data collection on synchrotrons with optimized collection strategies.

  • Solve and refine structures either by Molecular Replacement or de-novo

  • Disseminate the results to project teams

  • Assist Structural Biology colleagues with challenging protein targets.


  • PhD in structural biology or a related field having 5+ years’ postdoctoral experience with crystallography in industrial or academic research that leads a proven track record of achievement and publications in reputable, peer-reviewed journals.

  • Demonstrated competency in protein expression and purification strategies using bacterial, insect, and/or mammalian hosts.

  • Extensive experience in protein X-ray crystallography from crystallization, optimization, data collection and processing, to structure solution.

  • Experience with software for model building and refinement such as Phenix, Autoproc, CCP4, Chimera, Rosetta, Coot.

  • Experience with crystallization robot and standard analytical techniques associated with assessing protein quality during the purification process.

  • Provide regular updates to cross-functional teams to support structure-based compound design in close collaborations with medicinal and computational chemists.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

  • Experience with Linux OS and GPU-accelerated computational environment.

  • Experience to use integrated biophysical and structural biology experiments to understand interactions between small molecules and macromolecular target.

  • Experience with cryo-EM sample preparation protocols and data collection/processing.