Why Partner with us? We get it. Our consultants are true specialists and are highly trained to understand the complexity of roles and the market. Quite simply, they get it.

We’re trusted. We have unrivalled exclusive relationships which have been built up over the years through extensive networking and thought leadership. 

We really encourage our consultants to always be learning about the industry and in a position to offer more to our clients than staffing advice.

We have built up quite a reputation for our knowledge of the industry with regular blogs and content pieces relating to the life sciences market. This reputation and engagement with passive candidates has meant that, when compared to our competitors, SciPro really stands out from the crowd for candidates.

We deliver. Our team are trained, mentored and targeted to provide an outstanding service. We have an incredible record of successful projects with clients and, particuarly when dealing with contract and interim assignments, we are known for our speedy results. Need more convincing? Read real examples of our service from our clients here.

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When we say we want to partner with clients and candidates we really mean it.

We know every individual is different and every business requirement isn’t the same; therefore we make it a priority to understand those differences and give you the freedom and flexibility to choose how you want to work with us.


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We partner with some of the leading accreditation and regulatory bodies in life sciences.

We partner with some of the leading accreditation and regulatory bodies in life sciences. 

CCRA is a not-for-profit organisation originally founded to represent independent clinical research contractors and allied industries.
Through their Code of Practice, CCRA members promote the highest standards of business and clinical practice. SciPro are proud to be members of CCRA.

TOPRA is the professional membership organisation for individuals working in healthcare regulatory affairs.

TOPRA enable and promote excellence across the healthcare regulatory profession and SciPro are happy to be among their members. This year we have supported TOPRA's Regulatory 'Careers Live' event and will be sponsoring their annual symposium at the end of the year.

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