The pharmaceutical industry is ever evolving with SciPro Global leading in delivering world class talent to support, expand and innovate within the market. Covering specialist skills for start-up organisation, SME business’s, Global Leaders and CRO’s we have developed unique networks with exclusive talent pools to ensure we can offer choice to our chosen industry partners.

Working within such a fluid and niche industry, SciPro Global recognise the increasing demand for character and not just technical skill. In an industry where making a difference to a patient centric environment is vital, we offer value on making sure your individual needs are met with the right ‘fit’. Our clients and candidates are equally unique in their approaches, so making sure we introduce the right skills, with the right attitude sets us apart. Understanding what is important to you and your challenges is an essential part of the process to ensure we are making the correct introductions to both candidates and clients alike.

Our specialisms include roles within:

- Quality
- Regulatory Affairs
- Clinical Operations
- Clinical Development
- Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety
- Commercial Operations
- Biometrics
- Medical Affairs
- Sales & Marketing 


Our clients are providing breakthrough products and technologies to improve our lives and the health of our planet. Technology based on biology is enabling the world to deal with some of society’s biggest challenges from food to diseases and greenhouse gas emissions. Here at SciPro we have built teams dedicated to identifying talent that can positively impact our customers and add value to the projects they are running and products they are developing.

We recruit across the following areas:

- Research & Development
- Pharmacogenomics
- Gene & Cell Therapy
- Quality Assurance & Control
- Regulatory
- Commercial
- Pre-Clinical & Clinical
- Manufacturing & Production
- Clinical Development
- Bioprocessing 
- Bioinformatics 
- Upstream & Downstream 
- Processing Analytica 
- Microbiology
- Technical Sales 
- Validation
- Product Characterization 
- Program Management

Medical Devices

The Medical Devices industry is fundamental to a developing world of innovation within the Healthcare sector. We understand how the impact of regulatory change, funding and advancements in technology affect talent acquisition for our clients.

In an industry where talent is in short supply, our focus is on building global candidate communities that are unique to SciPro. Through offering our clients access to these communities, we are able to deliver talent that positively impacts across the Medical Device Life Cycle.

Our specialism includes roles within:

- Engineering
- Quality 
- Design
- Validation
- Regulatory Affairs
- Product Management
- Operations
- Sales & Marketing