Exploring AI's Role in Healthcare. 

Exploring AI's Role in Healthcare. 
by Nick Mahoney
November 6, 2023
2 mins
Exploring AI's Role in Healthcare. 

In a recent interview by theInnovation Forum, our Divisional Manager; Nick Mahoneyhad the privilege of answering some key questions focusing on the future of AI, where he shared his insights regarding the significant potential of AI in the healthcare industry in the forthcoming decade. 


Nick addressed critical questions, from how AI is poised to revolutionise healthcare to the formidable challenges AI is likely to encounter in its journey. 


To gain valuable perspectives on the role of AI and emerging technologies in shaping the future of healthcare, tune in to listen to what Nick has to say: 



For insights into AI's future in healthcare and to discover how SciPro can assist you in finding your next role or filling your next vacancy, connect with Nick Mahoney, our Divisional Manager, at 

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