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We put being good humans at the forefront of what we do, every day. Led by what is right, our value derive from collaborating with like-minded professionals committed to improving the lives of those around us.

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"SciPro have served as a strategic business partner to me and Indivior in filling several niche roles. Their proactive approach and understanding of our culture have been instrumental in building strong teams at Indivior."

​"I have been working with SciPro for two years to help find candidates. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for candidates in the observational health research space."

"They were extremely organized and reliable as we jointly managed candidates moving through the process, and was a great partner in closing candidates to whom we decided to extend offers.”

"SciPro know the market so well, send quality candidates and we've worked together seamlessly to fill tough roles."

"SciPro have served as a strategic business partner to me and Indivior in filling several niche roles. Their proactive approach and understanding of our culture have been instrumental in building strong teams at Indivior."

"The SciPro team are knowledgeable, warm and professional recruiters. They have been able to pinpoint our needs for talents rapidly and provide informed feedback to communicate efficiently with candidates. We would definitely work with them again for future openings."

“My consultant was absolutely amazing. I had just begun my job search and was overwhelmed with the process. I am now working for an amazing company, with an amazing position and salary!”

"SciPro is one of the rare recruiting teams that really knows what’s going on in the biotech space. They have successfully proven time and time again, that the team can get the job done!"

“I wasn’t looking for a new position, but my consultant reached out and I had an initial call with them to learn more, and I’m thrilled that I did! I truly felt that they had my best interests in mind every step of the way”

"I don't write many recommendations however, I can easily say that working with the SciPro team has been a marvelous experience. Looking forward to a continued successful partnering."

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Our operational cover
around the world.

Nestled in the UK's dynamic life sciences landscape, our mission is to pair skilled professionals with visionary organisations, catalysing advancements in medical science and shaping the future of healthcare innovation. As your gateway to the heart of the UK's scientific excellence, we connect talent with progress in life sciences.


In the vibrant DACH life sciences sector, innovation and breakthroughs are the cornerstone of progress. Leveraging our expertise, we specialise in connecting talented professionals with visionary organisations, ensuring individuals play a pivotal role in advancing medical science and contributing to the cutting-edge developments shaping the future of healthcare innovation.


By focusing on the Nordic market, we recognise the region's commitment to scientific excellence and healthcare innovation. Our expertise lies in navigating the unique dynamics of this thriving sector, allowing us to seamlessly match skilled professionals with leading organisations.


Our focus on the Benelux market stems from a commitment to excel in connecting talented professionals with opportunities in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. Specialising in this region allows us to finely tune our expertise, ensuring tailored solutions that effectively match skilled individuals with leading organisations, fostering mutual success and advancement within the market.


We specialise the Southern European market due to its unique opportunities and challenges. We tailor our services to the specific dynamics, cultivating meaningful connections between talented professionals and prominent organisations in the life sciences sector.

S. Europe

We specialise in the North America market due to its growing sector and strong commitment to life sciences and its growht and development. This focus enables us to tap into a diverse talent pool, establish connections with forward-thinking companies, and actively contribute to the region's advancement and growth in the life sciences industry.

N. America