SciPro features in Drug Discovery World Publication 

SciPro features in Drug Discovery World Publication 
by Alana Cumming
February 3, 2022
6 mins
SciPro features in Drug Discovery World Publication 

In November 2021, Molly Edwards and Jessica Woodgate started their very own ‘Women In Discovery’ roundtable event to champion female leaders across drug discovery and development. 


Both Molly and Jess realized they wanted to make their mark in a male-dominated industry. Jess comments “The life sciences industry remains male-dominated, however, women are continuing to climb the drug discovery ladder, creating a female voice across the space. We felt it was important to provide a new avenue for female pioneers to come together - we speak to many who are keen to continue the conversation that others before them have started.” 


On a quarterly basis, Molly and Jess bring leading women in their fields together and provide a space to openly discuss their perspectives and experiences on various different topics, touching on career progression, personal growth, mentorship, and management. 


Less than one year on from their initial roundtable, their journey so far and the response they have received has been wonderful to watch, with their latest event catching the attention of Editor in Chief of Drug Discovery World Publication, to feature in an article discussing the topics that have been covered so far and the future ahead for the ‘Women in Discovery’ roundtable. 


Drug Discovery World Publication is a quarterly magazine that has been running for over 20 years, and is one of the leading publications reviewing global stories of both the scientific and business aspects of Drug Discovery and Development. 


With Molly and Jess making their mark in the industry and highlighting that the industry does not have to be one that remains male-dominated, for the next roundtable, they now thought it was time to open the conversation further and invite a handful of individuals, both men, and women to join the August discussions. “We’re excited to celebrate the similarities and successes the industry is making and to identify areas within which the experience of men and women differs,” says Jess. 


A big well done to Molly and Jess on their success so far and we look forward to seeing their exciting journey ahead. 


If this is something you would like to be part of, Molly and Jess are always keen to welcome new guests to their community. The next event is due to take place on Wednesday 17 August at 15.00 BST by Zoom, so get in touch today. 


To read the full article published in Drug Discovery World Publication, click here. 

To contact Molly, email her 


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