Brainomix specialises in the creation of AI-powered imaging biomarkers that enable precision medicine for better treatment decisions. Based in Oxford and co-founded by CEO Dr Michalis Papadakis, they have pioneered the use of AI in stroke diagnosis and are now show strong development in new clinical areas such as ILD. From their base in Oxford they now have a global work force with operations coving the UK, most of the EU, USA and Asia. 


What challenges were they facing?

In late 2021 Brainomix received their series B funding and went on a journey to grow the by more than 3 times. The scaling phase was to cover the existing functions, with certain streams becoming specialised and opening up brand new functions. This was all under the challenge of the post covid job market conditions and a very competitive landscape. In order to be successful, Brainomix had to hire further AI experts, specialist within the software team, a new product team, new programme and clinical management teams and grow the sales and technical operations function – whilst making key c-suite appointments. 


What were the Solutions you presented to them?

We provided them a long term retained model where we work through each function of their business, hiring everything from their Heads of to the entry level graduate roles. We had an average lead time of 5 weeks from requirement to offer, with a 95% completion rate of probations. 



"Nick has been fundamental to the Brainomix Recruitment drive this year. Nick’s level of contact, high caliber of candidates, professionalism and perseverance throughout has meant that we have successfully doubled in size in the space of a few months. Nick has a thorough understanding of our business and culture so every candidate we meet with has been vetted and informed, making the interview process as smooth as possible.

His personal, honest and patient approach means we trust him completely with any roles we have available. When supported by other members of the team, Nick remains my main point of contact which has made my very busy role so much easier (even when he is extremely busy himself). He has become an irreplaceable business partner and has set the bar very high for other consultants."

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