Life Sci AI | ​The Podcast | ​S5 E1 

Life Sci AI | ​The Podcast | ​S5 E1 
by Nick Mahoney
September 3, 2023
2 mins
Life Sci AI | ​The Podcast | ​S5 E1 

S5 ​​​E1 | AI in Remote Patient Monitoring Systems with Tom Breeze 


In the first episode of series five, Nick Mahoney was joined by the CCO of Doccla, Tom Breeze. For the first time in our podcast studio, Nick and Tom discuss the transition he made from private equity to healthcare and what drives him about the mission of Doccla. 


Situated in an exciting period of growth for Doccla, this is a great episode to learn more about remote patient monitoring systems and the go-to-market strategies needed across different locations. 


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"Tom Breeze is Chief Commercial Officer at Doccla, Europe's leading provider of Virtual Wards and Remote Patient Monitoring technology. Doccla has been one of the star performers of the NHS' flagship policy to help patients get out of hospital sooner and to stay healthy once they are at home. They help thousands of patients stay out of Hospital every day, using state-of-the-art technology to help clinicians monitor patients' vital signs and detect any health issues before they become dangerous. 


Tom has been working in HealthTech for over a decade, starting out in Strategy Consulting before moving into startups like Babylon Health, where he held a variety of Commercial and Operational roles." 


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